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Wen Stephenson

The New American Radicals – Building a Stronger Climate Justice Movement

Friday, October 23, 2015, 7:00 p.m., Wayland High School Auditorium, 264 Old Connecticut Path, Wayland, MA 01778. Join us and bring along a friend or two for a discussion with Guest Speaker: Wen Stephenson, climate activist and independent journalist and author of “What We’re Fighting For NOW is Each Other – Dispatches from the Front Lines of [...]

The Jihad of Jesus – the Sacred Nonviolent Struggle for Justice

Wednesday, November 11, 2015, 7 pm, Islamic  Center  of  Boston,  126  Boston  Post  Road, Walden  Forum  and  the  Islamic  Center  of  Boston invite you to Dave Andrew’s Book Talk.  About  the  book:  Many  Christians  and  Muslims  have  found  Isa   (Jesus)  and  the  Bismillah  (celebrating  the  mercy,  grace,  and   compassion  of  God)  as  common  ground  upon [...]

Testimonials from Our Speakers

From Mary Johnson Zian, Member of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center

“I was honored to be a part of the Forum and of the work you are doing. The Forum is an excellent model and I hope that other communities will follow your lead.”

From Anna Ornstein, M.D.

“You are clearly doing your community a great service by bringing a variety of issues to their attention. We all wished that these difficult issues related to prejudice and intolerance could be further discussed and that we could find solutions to stop the continued violence among peoples and among nations.”

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Meet Our Speakers

Dave Andrews

Dave,  his  wife  Ange,  and  their  family,  have  lived  and  worked  in  Intentional   Communities  with  marginalized groups  of  people  in  Australia,  Afghanistan,  Pakistan,  India  and   Nepal  for  more  than  forty  years.  He  now  lives with  his  family  in  Brisbane,  Australia.  He  is     author  of  many  books  and  articles,  including  ‘Christi-­‐Anarchy’, ‘Not [...]

Wen Stephenson

Wen Stephenson

Wen Stephenson, an independent journalist and climate activist, is a contributing writer for the Nation. A former editor at the Atlantic and the Boston Globe, he was most recently the senior producer of NPR’s On Point. His writing on climate, culture, and politics has also appeared in Slate, the New York Times, Grist, and the [...]

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