To contribute to the intellectual vitality of our greater community and beyond by bringing us together to listen, learn and engage with some of the most inspiring and knowledgable people of our time as well as from each other.

WALDEN FORUM PRESENTS: Live public discussions in the arts, humanities, social sciences and interpretive sciences as well as other areas of general interest.  We feature innovators, thinkers, expert authors, artists, scholars, professors, politicians, Musician,  and scientists in dialog with a public audience.  The program fosters civic engagement and thoughtful consideration of vital social issues. Discussions expand our knowledge and are enlightening, provocative, informative, moving, funny, lively, and above all, educational.

PRESENTING PHILOSOPHY: Walden Forum programs/topics and events reflect a non-exclusive theme but come from a range of disciplines that serve as a lens through which the selected discussion can be viewed. Speakers are chosen for their expertise, presenting abilities, relevance to the topic or theme, and the timeliness of their topic.