Chen Arad

Chen Arad is a sophomore at Brandeis University, from Hod-HaSharon, Israel. At 17, Chen was granted a full two-year scholarship to represent Israel in a Lester B. Pearson United World College of the Pacific in Western Canada, where among other activities he led Israel programming. Following his graduation, Chen worked as a fundraising coordinator for the […]

Allan Klumpp

Allan Klumpp spoke to the Walden Forum about how we follow the example of our forefathers and take responsibility for posterity – how humanity can protect water supplies, reduce CO2, end global warming and continental glaciation, and preventing extinction-causing impacts with celestial bodies. After a 44-year career exploring the moon and planets, Mr. Klumpp resigned […]

Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy is an assistant professor of journalism at Northeastern University and a well-known media analyst. He is a panelist on Beat the Press, a weekly program on WGBH-TV (Channel 2) that won the National Press Club’s 2012 Arthur Rowse Award for Press Criticism. Kennedy writes regularly on media and political issues for the Huffington […]

Jim O’Shaughnessy

O’Shaughnessy, featured speaker for our topic, “From Main Street to Wall Street – What to Expect from the Economy and Stock Market over the Next 10 Years”, is the author of the national bestseller “What Works on Wall Street”, as well as three other books on investing. Long recognized as one of America’s leading financial […]

Dr. Jeffrey Alan Miron

Jeffrey Alan Miron, Ph.D is an American economist. He was our guest speaker for the “Medical Marijuana – Yes or No?” forum, representing the “yay” voice. He is Senior Lecturer and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Economics at Harvard University and a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute.  Dr. Miron has previously served on […]

Dr. Kevin Sabet

Kevin A. Sabet, Ph.D. (Our guest speaker for the “Medical Marijuana – Yes or No?” Forum, representing the “Nay” voice)  has a doctorate in public policy analysis from Oxford University with emphasis on drug policy, drug prevention, drug enforcement, and legalization. A resident of Cambridge, he is the President of the Policy Solutions Lab and also […]

Dr. Greg Stone

Greg Stone, Ph.D.,  – is an ocean scientist who undertook early pioneering research in Antarctica on marine mammals and later ice ecology where he mastered the art of diving into icebergs. He is a world authority on New Zealand’s Hector’s dolphin, an undersea technology and exploration specialist using deep-sea submersibles, and has produced an award-winning […]

Prof. Vladimir Bulovic

Vladimir Bulovic, Ph.D. is the Professor of Electrical Engineering at MIT leading the Organic and Nanostructured Electronics laboratory, directing the MIT Microsystems Technology Laboratories, co-directing the MIT-eni Solar Frontiers Center and co-heading the MIT Energy Studies Program. Bulovic’s research interests include studies of physical properties of organic and organic/inorganic nanocrystal composite thin films and structures, […]

Dr. Stephanie Jones & Dr. Richard Weissbourd

Our guest speakers for the forum on bullying, Weissbourd and Jones helped orchestrate the Harvard Graduate School of Education launch of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation on February 29, 2012. The foundation has partnered with The Berkman Center at Harvard and other foundations to explore the best ways to reach youth and create a new […]

Gabriel Bol Deng

Gabriel Bol Deng at the age of 10 fled his home village of Ariang in south Sudan in 1987 after it was attacked by North Sudanese Murahileen militiamen. He fled, not knowing the fate of his parents or siblings. After his escape, Deng embarked on a harrowing, four-month journey across the Nile River and untold […]