From Mary Johnson Zian, Member of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center

“I was honored to be a part of the Forum and of the work you are doing. The Forum is an excellent model and I hope that other communities will follow your lead.”

From Anna Ornstein, M.D.

“You are clearly doing your community a great service by bringing a variety of issues to their attention. We all wished that these difficult issues related to prejudice and intolerance could be further discussed and that we could find solutions to stop the continued violence among peoples and among nations.”

From Professor Henry (Jake) Jacoby, Ph.D, MIT

“My topic, the explosion in recent years in the use of hydraulic fracking in oil and gas development, is highly controversial. The Forum participants were both interested in the details of the technology and passionate in their questioning of its economic and environmental effects. It was a rare opportunity to explore these issues with such […]

From Robin Young, WBUR’s Here and Now

“Thank you, Tom and Walden Forum. Thank you, First Parish Church. Great night.” Robin Young pictured with Tom Liszewski, Director of Walden Forum

From Dr. Mohamed Lazzouni

”I wanted to express my heart-felt gratitude for the opportunity to speak at the Walden Forum. I found the event to be most stimulating intellectually and quite fulfilling spiritually. I am indebted to you for your trust and confidence and to the audience for providing us with a wonderful opportunity for rich and engaging discourse.” […]

From Dr. Fazio

“Glad to hear the feedback on the talk was so good.  I hope it will inspire some students to go into science.You’re doing a great job with the Forum.  Keep up the good work. Very best, Giovanni”    

From Tom Ashbrook

“It was a great evening.  Thanks for your kind hospitality and excellent arrangements.  Walden Forum is a winner.  It’s got the vision, focus and audience to do great things.  Keep it up! Best of luck.”