Fatemeh Haghighatjoo

Fatemeh Haghighatjoo, The “Lion Woman’’ of Iran – A visiting scholar at UMass Boston. Dr. Haghighatjoo has held academic positions at MIT, Harvard, and the University of Connecticut. Dr. Haghighatjoo is an expert in Iran’s internal affairs and an advocate of human rights, women’s rights, and democracy.  In Iran, she was a member of Iran’s reformist parliament from 2000-2004.   Currently, she works on “State Feminism” to define the institutionalization of women’s issues in Iran and show how it both promotes and limits women’s position there. She has published book chapters and papers on the Iranian women’s movement and democratic movement in Iran. She is also working on a book manuscript entitled A Voice for Truth. She has authored a book entitled Search for Truth (published in 2002). Dr. Haghighatjoo has been extensively interviewed and quoted by the international media, including The NY Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Christian Science Monitor, USA Today, BBC Persian TV and Radio, Voice of America, CNN, and others.