Holly Bellebuono

Holly Bellebuono leads lively workshops, symposia and natural health retreats that empower women toward health and fulfillment. In 2014, Holly shares the extraordinary research from her new documentary book, “Women Healers of the World: The Traditions, History and Geography of Herbal Medicine” (SkyHorse, 2014, hardcover), inspiring women with accounts of the world’s healers, scientists, researchers, and business leaders. Holly’s dynamic and thought-provoking storytelling (of compassion, danger, innovation, secrecy, frightening defeat and brilliant success) combined with her expert health advice born of 20 years teaching herbal medicine, awakens audiences to their fullest potential and motivates action. Her books include: Women Healers of the World: The Traditions, History & Geography of Herbal Medicine (SkyHorse, 2014, hardcover), The Essential Herbal for Natural Health (Shambhala Publishers, 2012), and The Authentic Herbal Healer (Balboa Press, 2012).

Holly speaks at universities, arboreta, conferences and retreats across North America. Her work has been featured internationally in Taproot, Juno, United Plants Savers, and more. She is the producer of an audio CD series, “How to Use Herbs for Natural Health,” director of the retail and wholesale apothecary Vineyard Herbs, and director of the Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine. She lives on Martha’s Vineyard with her family.