Malt Whiskey Tasting Fundraiser

Sunday, May 18, 2014, 5 p.m., Sandy Burr Country Club, 103 Cochituate Rd., Wayland, MA. Come out and learn all about malt whiskey while supporting the Walden Forum!

First come first serve. Participation will be limited.  $125 donation per person, which is a tax-deductible donation to Walden Forum.

Join the Walden Forum for a special premium exclusive Malt Whisky discussion, tasting and fundraiser with Gary eimach. Gary is a Single-Malt Whisky Ambassador who has more than 30 years in the spirits business. He will help us gain a deeper appreciation for these fine handcrafted and uniquely delicious spirits.

Join us at the beautiful Sandy Burr Clubhouse for a fun, entertaining and informative whisky seminar and event. Enjoy friends as you are treated to the amazing diversity of single malts from around Scotland and France. We will not be limited to a single distillery. Rather we will feature a range of scotches from the various distilleries and areas of Scotland, including the islands (Is-Lunds), the Highlands (Hi-Lunds), Islay (Eye-Luh) and Speyside  (Spay-Side). The whiskies will be aged from 10 up to 21 years. Each region is known for a certain style, character and uniqueness. We will even taste a French single malt from Cognac – truly a French Whisky.

We will experience some of the worlds’s finest single-malt whiskies, sampling six amazing single-malts along with a discussion on the finer points of single-malt history, production, style and character of each as well as the areas of the world they come from. These are marvelous products and very much akin to the unique character of fine wines. These handcrafted spirits draw there distinction from Mother Nature and each distillery’s Whisky Master. The water, air, weather, land, peat, type of barley and many more factors all come together to make for unique, beautifully rich in character and inspiring spirits.

This program will appeal to the single-malt aficionado as well as the novice. Participants will learn to fully enjoy and appreciate the most complex and culturally entwined nature of these fabulous spirits. The evening will begin with a gathering at the Sandy Burr Bar with piano music from John Burns, a accomplished and brilliant local musician, along with heavy appetizers buffet style from Peppers Fine Catering and Super Stop&Shop Wayland.  Next the famous and hilarious Tommy Gilmore will lend a little comedic relief. Then Tom Liszewski, Director of Walden Forum, will introduce Whisky Ambassador Gary Keimach, who will lead the discussion and tasting.  Après-Seminar enjoy a cigar on the Sandy Burr veranda compliments of  Waltham Cigar with an exceptional cup of Karma Coffee.