A Discussion About Islam: Common Questions, Uncommon Answers

An authentic American Muslim Voice talked to us about our intersecting heritages as Walden Forum continues to present “Captivating Discussions with Extraordinary People.”

Dr. Lazzouni has been an influential voice in setting the agenda of the discourse on Islam over the past 15 years in intellectual and spiritual circles in New England.  His talk is titled: A Discussion about Islam – Common Questions – Uncommon Answers.  ”Caught up in the vitriolic rhetoric about Islam, Muslims and Muslim lands, we lose an opportunity for substantive and meaningful discourse, Dr. Lazzouni says. In this lecture/discussion he provides a framework to challenge the context in which Islam is discussed today.

Building bridges between Jews, Christian and Muslims and all of us provides the keys to mutual understanding, Lazzouni points out.  He will offer suggestions for a path forward and raise new questions of additional significance for those interested in finding out more about Islam. Time permitting, perspectives on the recent events unfolding in the Middle East, North Africa and Tunisia will be discussed.