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meredith-dankJoin guest speaker, Meredith Dank, Ph.D., Professor, Senior Research Associate at the Justice Policy / Urban Institute NYC  and Author, as she leads our discussion on “The Rate of Cyber Dating Abuse among Teens and How It Relates to Other Forms of Teen Dating Violence”. Dank notes: Just over a quarter of youth in a current or recent relationship experience cyber dating abuse victimization, with girls more likely to experience abuse than boys. Victims of sexually-oriented cyber abuse are seven times more likely to experience sexual coercion.

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SchlesingerLen Schlesinger, College President, Professor, Educator, CEO, Author and Entrepreneurship Advocate, joins us for “Why Action Trumps Everything:  Entrepreneurship is the Most Powerful Force for Economic and Social Value Creation.” We’re seeing more businesses moving from a model focused exclusively on economic outcomes to one that embraces a more holistic view of a business’s ability to contribute economically, sustainably and socially. Join us at Walden Forum as we discuss this important topic. Watch On Demand




Dan Kennedy, an assistant professor of journalism at Northeastern University: “Truth in Journalism – Whose Facts, Whose Reality.” Kennedy Professor Kennedy teaches multimedia reporting, First Amendment law and other journalism courses. The discussion addresses questions such as, Why do so many of us prefer spin over substance? Will the jolt of reality provided by the election results begin a return to empiricism? Or will Red America and Blue America continue to go their separate ways? Watch On Demand


Jew-Palestianian-pic“Jews and Arabs, Israelis and Palestinians…Is Co-Existence Possible in Israel, and Is Peace Possible in the Greater Middle East?”

Two Slifka-Malkin Scholars – One Jewish, one Arab and both Israelis – discuss the Brandeis University program that brought them together to peacefully coexist in study.  The session will cover how they were selected and their general impressions of life at the University and at home. They will also cover the issues of the times and their general perspectives as an Arab and a Jew growing up in Israel and living side by side at a time of unsettling discord. What was life like growing up in Israel, and what is at the heart of what is going on today?  Is co-existence between Arabs and Jews in Israel possible? They will also share their thoughts on prospects for the possibility of peace with Israel and Palestine and in the greater Middle East. Watch On Demand


robin_young_squareRobin Young, WBUR Radio Personality, joins us to discuss her career. Learn about her journey as a female journalist and filmmaker. Listen to her comments on current issues and whether or not there is still a bias toward women in business. Ms. Young will discuss the people she has interviewed and stories she has covered that have most moved her. She will also address the role she thinks public radio currently has in our lives, and how it may change in the future. Watch On Demand


collage think pinkRonni Cohen-Boyar, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Affiliate of Susan G.Komen ® and Dr. Eric Winer, Director, Breast Oncology Center, Thompson Senior Investigator in Breast Cancer Research: “The Power of Pink: A Serious Breast Cancer Discussion”. Cohen-Boyar says “working with Komen is more than a job. It’s a lifestyle.” As Executive Director, Cohen-Boyar not only educates the public about screening and early detection of breast cancer. She’s a walking example of its effectiveness. Dr. Winer notes that there has been tremendous progress in breast cancer, but 40,000 women still succumb to the disease each year in the United States alone. And over 400,000 women die of breast cancer worldwide. There have been improvements in screening and, perhaps even more impressively in treatment. Science has marched forward, but we are now facing a crisis in funding as a result of the economic downturn over the past several years, along with major reductions in federal funding. Watch On Demand


Gabriel kneeling with ChildrenGabriel Bol Deng, one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, spoke about his experiences and the civil war that devastated his country for 20 years. He discussed how he made it and what he is doing to give back to a country struggling to survive /rebuild from the devastating civil war. He also talked about what is happening today in Africa, South Sudan and the still troubling North Sudan; what he is doing to effect change; and what it means to us here in the U.S. Watch On Demand



Greg Stone picDr. Greg Stone, Executive Vice President and Chief Scientist for Oceans at Conservation International: “Oceans Are Needed For Survival.” Dr. Stone discussed how the world’s oceans are truly a remarkable resource that we all depend upon for our wellbeing, however, are in a state of serious decline. As the world’s population has steadily climbed over the last 50 years, reaching 7 billion in 2011, this has put a heavy burden on the earth’s “natural capital,” not least the oceans. Only 4% are now considered pristine, and over 40% are heavily impacted by humans. Watch On Demand



marijuana-both2Marijuana Experts Con & Pro, Drs. Kevin Sabet and Jeffrey Miron: “Fall 2012’s Ballot Question 3 – Medical Marijuana – Yay or Nay”. Our speakers took on this potent issue which was before votes in November 2012. This was an opportunity to discuss what many have been unwilling to address, an effective medical marijuana law. The Secretary of State announced in July that an initiative to allow medical marijuana in Massachusetts has been approved and will appear on the November ballot. The initiative would allow qualifying patients to use and purchase marijuana “produced and distributed by new state-regulated centers or… to grow marijuana for their own use. Watch On Demand

121115_OShaughnesseyInvestingJim O’Shaughnessy, Founder, Chairman and CEO of O’Shaughnessy Investment Management – who cares for more than $5 billion: “From Main Street to Wall Street – What to Expect from the Economy and Stock Market over the Next 10 Years.” This topic covered economic predictions and investing. Watch On Demand






Dr. Giovanni Fazio, Astrophysicist: “Where Are We? Our Place in the Universe”. Dr. Fazio took us on a trip starting on the Earth and traveling to the edge of the Universe (Inaugural Program).  Watch On Demand




Lazzouni-croppedDr. Lazzouni, Islamic Scholar: “Our Intersecting Heritages”. An authentic American Muslim Voice talked to us about this important and timely topic. Watch On Demand





2011-PGiudice-cropPhil Giudice, MA Undersecretary of State for Energy: “Our Clean Energy Journey” – from the fields of Massachusetts to reflections on our national, as well as international, energy direction. Watch On Demand





JAH Photo HiResDr. Jeff Hoffman, Astronaut and Director of Astronautics at MIT: “Where Are We Going In Space?” Dr. Hoffman says, “Human space flight in this country is at a critical junction. Commercial space flight is poised to assume a new and perhaps revolutionary role in our country’s space activities.” The discussion focused on the current space policy situation and a look ahead to what the future might bring. Watch On Demand



111018_WF_Dating_CoupleDating Violence Panel: “Preventing Dating Abuse and Promoting Healthy Relationships: A Whole Community Approach to Supporting Youth”. Dr. Emily Rothman, Boston University Community Health Sciences, Casey Cocoran, Director of the Boston Public Health Commissions initiative, “Start Strong,” and Joanne Patterson, Director of Education & Prevention programs at Reach Beyond Domestic Violence, reviewed the prevalence and causes of dating violence, discussed innovations in prevention, and looked at possibilities for local action. Watch On Demand



pic Dr GrayDr. Peter Grey, Discussion about child development. Watch On Demand






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