Dr. Greg Stone

Greg Stone, Ph.D.,  – is an ocean scientist who undertook early pioneering research in Antarctica on marine mammals and later ice ecology where he mastered the art of diving into icebergs. He is a world authority on New Zealand’s Hector’s dolphin, an undersea technology and exploration specialist using deep-sea submersibles, and has produced an award-winning series of marine conservation films. He has led expeditions for National Geographic to Antarctica, Thailand, and the Pacific Islands and has authored hundreds of publications, including in NATURE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE, Science, as well as dozens of book chapters and three books; 2003’s Ice Island: Expedition to Antarctica’s Largest Iceberg; Oceans Heart of our Blue Planet in 2011; and an upcoming book on the Phoenix Islands Protected Area due for release in October by University of Chicago Press. His board memberships include: the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC); and Vice-Chair of the Global Agenda Council on Oceans, World Economic Forum (WEF). Recent awards include the Peter Benchley Award for Ocean Solutions and  the University of Rhode Island’s Dean’s Award for Distinguished Achievement, 2011. He will speak to us about the importance of the oceans to our survival.