Jimmy Tingle

Jimmy Tingle is one of the top social and political humorists in America. He has worked as a stand-up comic, writer, commentator and actor for radio, television and film. He created, wrote, edited, and performed television essays for national broadcast on the 60 Minutes II News Magazine television show. He has also worked as a commentator and humorist for MSNBC, contributing to freewheeling discussions, commentaries, and debates with other “friends” of the show including Anne Coulter, Lawrence O’Donnell, Jonathan Alter, and Laura Ingraham. Boston  Jimmy Tingle’s OFF BROADWAY Theater won;  ”Best Alternative Theater,” Boston Magazine 2007. Best of Boston “Stand Up Comedy”: 2001 & 1986, Best Activist with a Funny Bone, Improper Bostonian, 2007 and Business Neighbor of the Year 2006. The list goes on with many many more distinguished, professional and personal achievements. Tingle has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, HBO, Comedy Central, Sir David Frost’s show, PBS and BBCThe Late Show with Conan O’Brien, The Late Late Show with Tom Snyder, The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Fresh Air with Terry Gross, and Larry King Weekend. He has earned a Master’s in Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School in 2010.