Local History: A Window to View Larger Themes of the American Experience

Friday, November 21, 2014, 7:30 p.m., Wayland High School Auditorium.

Join speaker, Kevin Delaney, Educator & Massachusetts History Teacher of the Year 2014, as he features examples of student work as he shares his insights about how, in close collaboration with the Wayland Historical Society, local history can serve as a window to view larger themes of the American experience and its importance to secondary education.



The highlight of the evening will be the premiere of the film “FIVE MILES ASTRIDE THE RIVER: A History of Wayland, MA,” which celebrates the 375th anniversary of the town’s founding. The film was created by Wayland graduates Zander Cowen and Jacob Sussman, founders of Pelham Island Pictures. View a trailer of the film here.

Mr. Delaney is the creator of the Wayland High School History Project, a five-volume digital archive examining how 20th century trends and developments played out in our community of Wayland. His students are now researching Wayland during the Great Depression, the World War II years and the 1960s. In spring 2015, they will turn to Wayland during World War I. Visit www.whshistoryproject.org for information on these and other projects, including an incident in which teacher, Anne Hale, was fired for her communist sympathies during the McCarthy era. You will also find background information on Lt. Col. Joyce (CO of newly liberated Dachau), whose artifacts and papers now reside in the Holocaust Museum in Washington.

This program is an example of how four community organizations – Wayland High School, the Wayland Historical Society, Wayland 375th, and the Walden Forum – and two talented young men can bring this history to life.