Renewable Energy: Where Are We and Where Are We Headed?

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Massachusetts Undersecretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs, Phil Giudice, gives us insight into where we are and where we are headed as a nation and a State with renewable energy. Will we lead or follow the world?

Undersecretary Giudice has been leading by example in setting the direction for renewable energy and Green Communities here in Massachusetts. In his talk, “Our Clean Energy Journey “  Undersecretary Giudice will provide us with his vision for a clean energy future.

Undersecretary Giudice says, “It is an honor to continue my public service and work to make Massachusetts a national leader in clean energy generation and energy efficiency.”

Our Clean Energy Journey will take us from the fields of Massachusetts to reflections on the US as well as the worlds energy direction.  He will discuss:

  • Our energy circumstances and what we doing about it
  • Will we forever be dependent on oil and natural gas?
  • The role for renewables
  • And what will this all mean for our economy and our environment.